March 23, 2010

Jetpack almost done

This is the Jet-pack and Shoulder-pads to 90% completion. The Jet-pack came out to be 3690 tris, and occupies about 35% of a 1024x1024 normal and AO map. It's considerably higher poly than I intended, but this will be the closest model in the player's vision, something they'll be looking at a lot! So it's gotta look good right? So I took a hit on the boots.

This was the concept I was given for modeling the jetpack. Some adjustments had to be made to fit the shape of the character.

The excess polygons nearing the middle of the model were to avoid smoothing issues with the normal map baking. I should have used smoothing groups to fix this problem, but I'm in the habbit of adding extra geometry at work, because the Unreal Engine prefers extra geometry over smoothing groups any day!

Here's the texture map it sits on. It's shared with the boots, shoulder-pads, and radar upgrades. I left some room for a further upgrade I need to do, if I'm able to get to it. I'd really like to texture the diffuse and dirty it up a little, but time will be tight. I need to move on to a new enemy in the game.


Jennie said...

:D looks amazing!!

Mellacita said...

Whoa fucking jetpack!!! Waaah!!!!

LOL anyway I also wanted to stop by to mention I updated my tutorial for the texturing process, so hopefully it makes more sense now. It's not really helpful usually unless there are pictures and words. There is a degradation in quality of the texture usually but I'm trying to find a workaround for that (you can see that happening in the picture with all three models). Any advice would be gnarlies.